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In an increasingly complex, highly uncertain, and continuously changing world, decision making requires a clear sense of direction and the ability to design the best operating policies. Instead of just relying on your gut feeling or past experiences, leverage our simulations to challenge your strategic ideas, test underlying assumptions and beliefs, and sound out consequences.

Ready-made serious Games

Spice up your workshop, team event, or lecture event with a serious game. Our games address specific management or coordination topics such as “Team communication”, “How to build a high-performance team”, or “How to deal with difficult people”. They are typically played in groups and consume about 3-4 hours, including briefing and debriefing. We provide explainer videos for instructors and participants with a time invest of approx. 2 hours.

Build your
own simulation

You intend to create your own business simulation? Be invited to our builders’ platform. With our unique no-code approach, you can easily design your simulation set-up. You only need to feed in your domain knowledge, while we provide the building bricks and put them together. We also take care of all the nitty-gritty details, such as data interfaces, login procedures, rights management, or persistence.

Management flight simulators

Our business simulations focus on crafting and executing strategies in ever-changing market environments. At any time, market dynamics can change abruptly due to disruptive innovations, geopolitics, or black-swan events. You experience the complexity of making interdependent operational decisions in the heat of fierce competition, the unnerving moments when your strategy assumptions prove wrong, and the systemic consequences and unanticipated side-effects of your past actions. These simulations are most suitable for group trainings or workshops of 1 to 3 days. They foster cross-functional thinking, accelerated learning by doing, and team effectiveness. Instructors can choose from different scenarios which can be further customized. We provide explainer videos, workshop materials, briefing, and debriefing content.

Guided company-specific test flights

You don’t have the time to create and run test scenarios for your new strategy or business case? We tailor scenario simulations to your needs, you feed it with your data, and test your plan.

Our Products.

Our Products


Stratchal 2.0

Who we are

We are jellybeans. We combine expertise in computer science, data analytics, economics, strategic management, and psychology. 

"Making strategy is art and science."


It is art because we need vision and creativity to envisage the desired future and find the best way to achieve it. It needs science because we need to understand how the different parts of the business system relate to each other and see what is cause and what is effect. We believe in the power of simulations to support your strategy. Our software tools help you make more informed decisions and test your strategy under various scenarios.

Are you ready to test and improve your decision-making?

We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs within our product offers.

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