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Webinar Series

Empowering Your Software Development Journey with Practical Insights

Join me at CodingUnfiltered, where we unravel the complexities of software development through interactive webinars. Dive into the world of Coding with AI with our expert-led sessions, designed for rapid understanding and implementation.

At CodingUnfiltered, I make advanced software development accessible and actionable. I believe in demystifying Coding with AI, making these fields approachable for developers with foundational knowledge. The interactive webinars are more than just lectures; they are incubators for ideas and practical skills.

Each webinar is a journey through the intricacies of software development, focusing on AI and Machine Learning. We provide clear explanations, practical tools, and live coding examples. The approach is hands-on, ensuring you can implement what you learn immediately.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of programming concepts and a keen interest in software development.


First webinar series:
Rapid Prototyping with GPT-4

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